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All Andy wanted to do was to build a deathray to destroy the moon. Of course the military had to send hoards of mindless robots to stop him... typical. 

Defend your deathray and blast enemies into your electric fence to become more powerful! Maintain a high level of power to charge up your deathray and ultimately destroy the moon!

Update 1.1

  • Added splash screen.
  • Added instructions.
  • Freezing enemies gains the player more power.
  • Power up/down sound effect changes pitch with power level.
Published Sep 25, 2017
TagsTop-Down, Voxel

Install instructions

Right click on the folder and click 'extract all...', follow the prompts on screen. Open The 'Angry Andy' application file inside. You may be given a message saying the game is from an unknown publisher. Press 'more info' and run anyway. 


Angry Andy 1.1.zip 18 MB

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