Angry Andy!

Alright so I said I would have this done by the weekend, it's only a day late. Here's my project for the last few weeks. Angry Andy!

All Andy wanted to do was to build a deathray to destroy the moon. Of course the military had to send hoards of mindless robots to stop him... typical. Defend your deathray and blast enemies into your electric fence to become more powerful! Maintain a high level of power to charge up your deathray and ultimately destroy the moon!

When I started making the game you played as a farmer defending your trees from lumberjacks but when I added gaining power I thought a sci-fi theme would better fit. I probably won't make any more games for the next few weeks as I'll be getting some modelling and animation practice in instead. Keep your eyes on this space though for future projects, I'll be doing dev logs during development for my next games instead of just a plug when I have them finished :P Have fun, show those robots who's boss!


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Sep 25, 2017

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