CtrlX update 1.1

Now that voting has finished I have made an update to CtrlX adding lots of small changes as well as Mac support! 

Update 1.1

  • Mac support.
  • Reworked yellow weapon.
  • Tweaked blue weapon.
  • More music.
  • Settings menu - game now works at any resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Pause menu (press 'p' during gameplay).
  • Better transition between menu and gameplay.
  • Lots of bug fixes!

I was also able to give the game a test on a VM and I can confirm it works with Windows XP. I've so far yet to find anything it struggles to run on but I would love the chance to try it on some older hardware ;P


CtrlX 1.1 Win.zip 23 MB
Jul 24, 2017
CtrlX 1.1 Mac.zip 27 MB
Jul 24, 2017

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