A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This game was made for the Game Makers Toolkit Game Jam (2017)

A bullet hell game where you literally become your enemy. Upon killing an enemy you teleport to their position and gain their abilities. Be careful with the order you kill enemies in; different enemies are more effective in different circumstances, you don't want to be caught out.

How does your submission match the theme? The game is built around the idea that shooting an enemy not only scores points and removes them but also makes the player 'become' that enemy; teleporting to its position and gaining its weapon.  In addition to removing the enemy and building points, shooting enemies serves a multitude of other puposes;  Teleports the player; helping the player to avoid projectiles (any nearby projectiles are detroyed). Changes the players weapon; giving importance to the order in which enemies are killed. Builds combo; forcing the player to act agressively.

Third-party resources Unity3D, Photoshop, LMMS.

Contributors Lawrence Parry

Update 1.1:

  • Mac support.
  • Reworked yellow weapon.
  • Tweaked blue weapon.
  • More music.
  • Pause menu (press p during gameplay).
  • Settings menu - quality, resolution, fullscreen, mute music/sfx.
  • Better transitions between menu and gameplay.
  • Longer slomo when killing an enemy.

Install instructions

Right click on the folder and click 'extract all...', follow the prompts on screen. Open The 'CtrlX' application file inside. You may be given a message saying the game is from an unknown publisher. On Windows press 'more info' and run anyway. On Mac right click the file and press 'Open'.


CtrlX 1.11 Win.zip 23 MB
CtrlX 1.11 Mac.zip 27 MB

Development log


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Overall, a really fun game! The difficulty and need to focus on your position as well as the aiming your shots makes it really fun! I love how difficult the yellow unit's weapon makes the game. Great job on the AI!

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Thanks for playing. I really appreciate your feedback :)

I have two main problems with this game. firstly this game is extremely slow, the character barely moves and it can be frustrating. Secondly, Whenever you kill someone it teleports you to their dead body, I hate this mechanic because if who are fighting two or more enemies at a time, You can teleport and get killed unfairly. I hope you can fix these issues.

Thanks for the feedback :) I think the teleporting is largely what makes the game unique but you are right that it can be frustrating to then be killed by a nearby enemy. I think if I update this game I'll make enemies indicate when they are about to fire and reset their cooldown when you teleport nearby to give the player time to react.

This is a really fun game~ Surprisingly difficult, too! The enemies REALLY know where to aim.... I like how you're basically forced to kill enemies to keep the heat of you and get points, even though transforming to them is less than ideal... Yellow is so underpowered... Great design, great aesthetics, well done!

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. I would love to make some tweaks to this game once the jam finishes :) p.s. yellow's really good for building combo if you get up close ;p