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This game was made for PxlJam in <48hrs. The theme for the jam was 'Blessing in disguise'. You play as a priest in disguise trying to sneak up on demons and exorcise them. However it's not a very good disguise! If you stay in their line of sight for too long they will chase and attack you! Find somewhere to hide and then continue your sneaking.

Update 0.4

  • Added 4 more levels.
  • Replaced level 6.
  • Small changes to existing levels.
  • Added skins for enemies.
  • Enemies can now see the player when on high-ground.
  • Tweaked the rate at which awareness increases.
  • Lots of performance improvements.

Install instructions

Right click on the folder and click 'extract all...', follow the prompts on screen. Open The 'Undercover Priest' application file inside. You may be given a message saying the game is from an unknown publisher. Press 'more info' and run anyway. 


Undercover Priest v0.4.zip 35 MB
UnderCover Priest v0.3.zip 20 MB

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