V0.5 More polish, more vehicles.

More polish and I'm not talking about a West Slavic language. Vehicles accelerate much faster at low speed which increases the pace of the game considerably and makes mistakes less impactful. The players shield now remains for half a second after slowing down. This gives the player a chance to smash vehicles while traveling round corners and drifting. Handling has been improved, drifting is easier and less random. Unlocks and settings are now saved between sessions so you can come back and everything will be right where you left it. Oh and bug fixes. Lots and lots of bug fixes.

More vehicles - Three new vehicles have been added. All vehicle stats have been tweaked so that they remain balanced.

Drift - Nippy and great at drifting, not good at smashing vehicles.

Turner - Good all rounder, great handling.

Truck - Great at plowing through cars without sacrificing too much in other stats.


  • Three new vehicles.
  • Tweaked vehicle stats.
  • Faster acceleration at low speeds.
  • Shield remains for half a second after slowing down.
  • Skinny track segments are shorter.
  • Progress and settings are saved between sessions.
  • Resolution scale setting.
  • Modified camera follow.
  • Wind effects when travelling at a high speed.
  • Countless bug fixes.


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